Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trick or Treat

It’s the post everyone has been waiting for…


Yep, it is true after just over three years of trying to conceive, hundreds of ovulation teats, countless negative pregnancy tests, months on medications and probably a pool full of tears we have finally succeeded in getting pregnant! Even though it has been the hardest challenge I have ever had to go through I wouldn’t change it for the world, ok maybe for a billion dollars.

Picture of our Announcements

What is funny is when it finally did happen I wasn’t taking Clomid at all. I had my normal cycle in Mid-August which was my last round of Clomid. About a week and a half later I had a surprise period. It was a little shorter and not a heavy as usual but it was still a period so I started counting my days over.  I called my doctor and he set up an appointment with me in late September to reassess and see if we should switch to something else or just up my dose of Clomid. In the meantime I would just have a month off of the clomid but I was still to take the other medication and do my ovulation tests.  I half heartily (that is a word right!?!) took my ovulation tests and to my surprise got a positive on September 12th. Honestly even though I had got the positive test I really didn’t think it would work so I didn’t put a lot of thought into it like I had in all the months before. I was just looking forward to my next appointment with my doctor where we would go from here. I also got excited to start acupuncture and see what that would do for me.

When I had my first acupuncture appointment I was already pregnant but didn’t know yet. Honestly even though I was already pregnant I still think it helped. I was on day 17 after ovulation but I had gone 20 days before then started hours after taking a test so to me day 17 was not that big of a deal. I also started cramping lightly the day before so I figured my period was on the way. I really enjoyed my first acupuncture appointment and if you want to you can read more about it in my last post. In the next 4 days I had continued to cramp more and more but I never started. Finally on Saturday, September 29th I had had enough. I was over all the cramping and decided to take a test so I could finally just start my period and move on so we could try again. As I was waiting I really wasn’t very excited or anxious I just started getting dressed for the day and imagined the day when I would see that positive sign but I was sure this would not be that day. To my unexpected surprise that morning is when for the first time in my life I saw a positive pregnancy test! I was in shock. I just stared at it thinking this is too good to be true. It has to be my imagination. But it was not, it really was true and later that day I took two more just to be sure.

Still in shock I thought about how to tell Jeff. Throughout the years I had come up with lots of cute ways I could tell Jeff when the time finally came. Even though he had no idea I was taking the test, in that moment I could not wait, there was no way I could hold this in all day, and he was not planning on being home until after 10pm that night since he had a baseball trip. I had to tell him. I put the test in my back pocket and walked out to the room where he was watching TV and waiting for me to finish getting ready. I sat down next to him and said “So just as long as everything goes ok, in about 8 months our life is going to change in a big way” I took the test out of my back pocket to show him. My hand started shaking and I had to quickly set in on the table in front of us. He looked at the test, then back at me and said “seriously”? I shrugged my shoulders and said “that’s what it says”. He wrapped me in a huge hug as I finally let some tears of joy fall down my face. We kissed and just smiled at each other both in shock.

To be continued…


  1. So happy for you guys! What a blessing!! :)

  2. YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! I knew it was coming!! Love and hugs and congrats to you!!!

  3. MISSA!!! I'm so excited for you and Jeff. Congratulations!!! I hope everything goes well and keep us posted! EEEEKKKKK! P.S. Were due like a week apart!!!! YAY!!!! Gah I'm so happy for you!